Road Safety

Safety is our priority

Precaution is better than cure.

We follow all the traffic rules

Our fleets always try to reach the destination as fast as they can, while obeying all the traffic signals and rules to keep roads safe for drivers and pedestrians.

Safe distance and sanitization

Our riders take precautions to keep themselves and others safe from the spread of illness. They keep a safe distance from others, sanitize their hands regularly, and wear a mask at all times.

No passenger

Our riders are careful not to take passengers on the back of the delivery motorbike. This is for the safety of the passenger as well as the driver.

No drink and ride

Our riders are always responsible and never ride while drunk or intoxicated – it’s unsafe and considered a criminal act.

Safety is Always Priority.

We follow every possible protocol to deliver packages safely that are enforced by the Road & Transport Authority. Learn more about RTA’s rules & guideline by clicking following button.